Platform Racing 2 (commonly referred to as simply PR2) is an online multiplayer flash game created by Jacob Grahn and was first published on April 2, 2008 on his own webpage Platform Racing 2 is the sequel to Platform Racing. The game is originally in the resolution 550x400.

Platform Racing 2 is currently in its 34th version. The game's latest update let's people to set up an email address if they didn't do that when they signed up and it also defeats the PR2 hacking program, "Platform Racing 2 Trainer".

Gameplay Edit

PR2 Newbieland 2 in action

PR2 gameplay in the level "Newbieland 2".

Users start off as Rank 0 and race against others in various maps made by others to earn higher ranks. For each rank, there is an increasing number of experience points (exp) you have to earn to make it to the next rank. The Campaign is where most competiton occurs. It consists of nine levels which you have to unlock when you get to a certain Rank.

Customizing Edit

You play the game with a character that can have 7+ different hats, 17+ different heads, 13+ different bodies and 12+ different feet. You can also change colors for all the body parts and the hat, there are 144 different colors. You can change the stats; Speed, Acceleration and Jumping, you have 150 points to split out between the three stats from the beginning. For every rank you get 1 more point, each stat can have 0-100 points.

Hats Edit

One of the biggest features in PR2 that PR1 doesn't have is Hats but In PR3 Got more hats. There are 7+ different hats you can have; Kongregate Hat, Exp Hat, Propeller Hat, Santa Hat, Crown Hat, Party Hat, Top Hat, Jump Start Hat, Thief Hat, Cowboy Hat and Jiggmin Hat. Artifact was Mentioned not useable hat. Every hat has different features and only three of the hats can be won in a race. For the other hats, you will get the Party Hat if you play the game on New Years' Day, you will get the Kong Hat if you play PR2 from at least once and you will get the Crown Hat and Cowboy Hat if you get 5,000 and 100,000 points in F@H.

Music Edit

Platform Racing 2 has some new features, one of them are music. There are 14 different songs to choose from in Gameplay and there's one song that plays in the menus. Jiggmin has only made the menu song the other songs are from

Level Editor Edit

You can create your own levels in Platform Racing 2, in the Level Editor. You can change where the different players will start, you can place 27 different blocks and paint something on five different layers. You can also choose a background and you can change the minimum rank to play the level, gravity, items and song.

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