I believe this article needs rollbacking.

Platform Racing is a game where the player can challenge users globally and race them. There are three stats (Speed, Jump, Traction) which can be modified by removing or adding points to the different stats. Unlike PR2, there is a fixed number of points and you cannot gain more. There are different maps, which you can unlock by gaining experience (XP). You can chat to other players via the chatroom on the left, and if somebody is being annoying, you can click on their username and ignore them (any messages made by them will not be displayed). It is infinitely less secure than PR2 as there is no password or profile system, as you can change your username at any time and other people can use your username while you are online and pretend to be you (albeit self-insulting). Platform Racing is an imaginative game and is less involving than PR2, and therein lies its charm.

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