==&nbsp Super Flying Cowboy Hat ==

The Super Flying Cowboy Hat, usually shortened to just "Cowboy Hat", is a hat in Platform Racing 2 and 3. When worn, it allows the player to move through the air as if they are in water. It was in both games, it can be obtianed in a random race through Spuer Flying Cowboy Hat Mode (SFCHM), and in PR2 it can also be obtained permanently.


Sometimes, when you start a race in PR2+3, Fred will appear out of nowhere to give you a cowboy hat. The hat replaces any hat you are already wearing, and can be used for the duration of the race. Swords and Guns will knock the hat off. After the race is over, you lose the cowboy hat.

In PR3, you can adjust the cahnce of SFCHM in the level editor


The SFCH lets you use the Razor Blade glitch anywhere

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